It can often feel like we have an exhaustive ‘to do’ list, a list where the bottom is never in sight. As one thing is crossed off, another two are added.  ⠀

Putting that list of tasks aside and taking time out is often viewed as being lazy, non-productive and indolent. If we are not still available and answering emails and text messages in the evenings or low and behold it takes us a whole 24hours to respond, we can feel decadent and idle. We may start to question our diligence and dedication to the task at hand.

Downtime, however, is absolutely imperative.

We need to allow ourselves time to rest, recover and recuperate before we can tackle the next task on our lists. Time out allows our minds and bodies time to integrate new information and experiences and to regenerate and heal. Without taking this time, we can set ourselves to experience health issues later down the track. It’s all about preventative self-care.

Living a life of constant action can be addictive; it can be used as avoidance. By not stopping, we don’t sit with our feelings and emotions; we don’t allow ourselves time to breathe, experience and renew.

Hitting pause may be as simple as getting out for a walk in nature, taking time to meditate or allowing ourselves space to just take a breath. We all have our favourite past time that helps us to relax; It’s vital to schedule this into our week, in fact into our every day if possible.

It is so important to make regular down time a part of our overall preventative health and wellness plan.

Natalee Durrant – Naturopath and Medical Herbalist