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Wellworks is your local pharmacy, wherever you are. We deliver your prescription medication right to your door and can set up reminders on your smartphone so you know when to take it. We even take care of your repeats, getting them to you before your other medication runs out.

Currently only available in Wellington, stay in touch for updates on when we’ll deliver to your area.

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How it works



Register with Wellworks online – you’ll only need to do this once. Once we have received your contact details we will be in touch and can help you arrange your next prescription.



Ask your doctor to send your new prescription to Wellworks via email or fax. We will set up a Wellworks account and get in touch about payment details.



We will organise your prescription and deliver to your door. If you require your medication to be dispensed in blister packs, we will do this at no extra cost. Just tick the box ‘Blister packs required’ when registering.



Download our app and we can set up reminders to take your meds when your dose is due.



We can organise and deliver your medicine repeats, getting them to you before your current medication runs out.

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About Us

Wellworks is a fresh new approach to healthcare. We take the hassle out of maintaining your health; packing and delivering your prescription medication to your door. We’ll also remind you – via your smartphone – to take your meds when your dose is due. Forgot to order your repeat prescription? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that too, getting in touch with your doctor when it’s due and sending it out to you before your other meds run out.

Run by pharmacists Ben Latty and Rachael Horwood, we’re independently owned and believe pharmacies should serve the wellbeing of their local communities – versus big corporations. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get healthy, and stay healthy.

Our store

We also run a physical pharmacy and wellness bar in downtown Wellington. Our wellness bar serves restorative health tonics and our store has a large range of natural health remedies as well as traditional medicines and other personal necessities. Not sure what you need? Come and talk to us for friendly, professional and confidential advice to help answer your health questions.

Questions? We’ve got answers

  How much do I pay when using Wellworks delivery?

You will only pay the cost for the prescription medication. No fax charges or blister pack
charges. For a fully funded medicine this will be $5 per item, if you have an exemption card
there will be no cost. If the medicine is not fully funded or non-subsised the cost will vary.

  Can I sign someone else up?

Yes – you can sign up the person you are caring for. Just enter their details on our signup page
and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also share their medicine schedule on the app so you
can quickly see what medication they are taking and when they are taking each dose.

  How does the app work?

Once we have dispensed your medication, you can download our app and sign in to see your
schedule. You will be able to view all the regular medication you are prescribed and when to
take it. The app will also remind you when to take each medication. We aim to have medicine
photos available and pharmacist tips on how to take your medication soon.

  Where do you deliver to?

Currently we are only delivering to the Wellington region but plan to extend our delivery areas

  How long does it take to sign up?

It should only take 5 minutes to sign up on our website. From here we will be in touch and help
arrange your prescription from your Doctor. The Medical Centre can fax us your prescription on
04 555 0520 or you can drop it off to our pharmacy at 75 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington.

  Is it safe to ship medication?

Yes – we will deliver your medication using a courier company in a small unmarked package directly to your door. We can email you a tracking number so you can monitor the delivery and know when it will arrive. We aim to send out your medication 1 week before you run out to ensure you never run out!

  Do you blister pack medication?

Yes and for free. We just need to know your preference – please tick the blister pack box when
signing up. We can blister your vitamins as well with your prescription medication. Just call us
on 04 555 0522 or email

  Will I run out of medication?

We will contact you and your medical centre 2 weeks before you are about to run out of your
medication. This allows 1 week to arrange prescription and 1 week for delivery.

  How do my repeats work?

Don’t worry about expiring repeats again! We will monitor when your repeats are due and send
them out 1 week before you run out. We will manage these for you – please call or email us if
you need them early for travel or relocation.

  Can I speak to a pharmacist to discuss my medication?

Yes – of course. We are a phone call away to discuss with you any concerns about your
medication and how best to take them. We are currently available from 9-6pm Monday to Friday
with hours likely to be extended soon.

  Can you deliver fridge items such as insulin?

Yes – we can deliver prescriptions that must be kept at fridge temperature (2-8 degrees) using
temperature controlled packaging. This will be sent with a ‘signature required’ courier and will be
clearly labelled as containing a fridge item.

  How often do you deliver?

We will deliver your medication based on how the Doctor has annotated the prescription. If
monthly dispensing is required we will deliver once a month, if you would prefer 3 monthly
dispensing we will deliver every 3 months.

  What if I am going on holiday or away for an extended period?

Not a problem – we will adjust the prescription quantity being delivered. We will just need to
document this for our records and get a declaration.

  How do I get billed?

We will charge everything to an account that is set up after you sign up to us. Each delivery will
have a receipt attached with all the information you need. We will charge your credit card the
total monthly amount at the end of month. You will only be charged prescription costs, no other
fees such as fax or blister packing. You can also come into store and put money on your
account if this is preferred.